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The Ambient Poetry of Andre Buter

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Posted 20 March 2008

you taste the wind when it blows towards you
you see the whirling colours in the sky
a scent becomes touchable, like you could caress it
it feels so good, but with a deep sigh

all fades to an almost colorless mass
the sight that once looked so uplifting
slowly passes into something else
a lot of what happens inside your head makes no sense

the brain contains small wonders
you never realize them until you're standing in them


Reverse Insomnia
Posted 19 March 2008

Gaping empty windows offer a view
on raging, uncompromising darkness.
A nothing you can stare yourself blind on,
or gain eternal knowledge from.

Share the darkness with your friends
when they come to visit your house.
that's not possible.

Dreaming from a childhood that never came,
you lie in your bed.

A tear flows
and falls
slowly, very slowly
on your pillow.

You dream you're waking up.
But dreaming you fall back into slumber.


Posted 18 March 2008

wateryclouds sparkly lined
shimmeringtiles of pavement in wet light
you’reon your way walking

doyou stop and ask directions?
Iwouldn’t because of
allkinds of strange people

followthe road of roads
doit yourself and don’t look back
giantsare running behind you
whiledwarves are fleeing

nightfalls while the sun rises
andyou keep on running
don’t know how to stop


Lost in Time
Posted 17 March 2008

Far away clocks are ticking,
but their digits aren’t moving.
Time takes strange leaps,
yet nothing has changed.

Soon now will switch places
with then and a word
will have become past tense.
Everything ages in front of you.

New things promise miracles,
but become old things
like all other things that
move on as if they ever started.

Somewhere in time between here and then
miniscule changes are lying
slumbering beneath a blanket of

Lost in time.


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